About EPS Systems

Calandria 36cc has been in existence since 2000 and serves as an umbrella to Glovid Trading cc, SupaNova Convectionaire and the EPS Geyser Management System.

Calandria has been providing families with quality products for almost two decades. We take pride in not only marketing and selling quality products but also in after-sales service ensuring customer satisfaction.

The SupaNova Convectionaire service centre is fully equipped with original parts and has an on-site technician attending to every service and repair need. We also carry stock of all the Convectionaire accessories thereby making for a more enjoyable cooking experience.


EPS Geyser Management System

The EPS Geyser Management System client base has been rapidly evolving over the last five years due to high electricity demands and exorbitant tariff hikes. The EPS System not only offers current and prospective clients guaranteed electricity savings but boasts with qualified and experienced installers, office and after-hours telephonic assistance, free advice and guidance and callout services.

We have the privilege of owning our own offices which is based in Stikland, Cape Town and have a client base which stretches over the nine provinces of South Africa.

Calandria is passionate about the development of people and has partnered with South Africa’s #1 Sales Coach, Francois le Roux (For the Winning Consultants) in an effort to provide everyone joining the company, the opportunity of free skill and character development which would otherwise have been out of reach.